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» New Address

C. Martin Taylor & Co., Inc.
P.O. Box 600798
Jacksonville, FL 32206

*Tel: (904) 355-3400
Fax: (904) 354-1143

Import Dept Email:


cmtjax@aol.com (Martin Taylor)

* Tiffany / Extension 1
* Sadie / Extension 2
* Martin / Extension 7

Export Dept Email:


cmtjax@aol.com (Martin Taylor)

* Anthony / Extension 4
* Martin / Extension 7

Founded in 1978, C. Martin Taylor & Co, a local, independent and confidential Freight Forwarder/Customs Broker has been bringing experience, high quality, integrity, caring and personalized customer service to the complex business of importing and exporting.

Our well trained staff stands on the cutting edge of world trade as the as the industry enters a decade filled with promising, profitable opportunities for our customers.

C. Martin Taylor & Company will help solve your importing and exporting problems. We will direct each of your transactions carefully and swiftly guiding you through the international regulations in a prompt and efficient manner.

Import Services As your Customs Broker, C. Martin Taylor and Company will deal with all aspects of U.S. Customs on your behalf. We will carefully clear your products......
Export Services As your International Freight Forwarder, C. Martin Taylor and Company will arrange for the movement of your products in an efficient economical manner. We will prepare or obtain the documentation necessary for export......
Additional Services
  • Customs Entry
  • ISF Filing
  • AES Filing
  • Title Validation
  • Dock Receipt Preparation
  • Commercial Invoice Preparation
  • Letter of Credit
  • Marine Insurance
  • IE - Immediate Exportation
  • T&E Entry – Transportation and Export
  • Hazardous Shipment Documentation Preparation
  • Coordinating Transportation

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