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C. Martin Taylor & Co., Inc.
P.O. Box 600798
Jacksonville, FL 32260

*Tel: (904) 355-3400
Fax: (904) 354-1143

Import Dept Email:


cmtjax@aol.com (Martin Taylor)

* Tiffany / Extension 1
* Sadie / Extension 2
* Martin / Extension 7

Export Dept Email:


cmtjax@aol.com (Martin Taylor)

* Anthony / Extension 4
* Martin / Extension 7

As your Customs Broker, C. Martin Taylor and Company will deal with all aspects of U.S. Customs on your behalf.

We will carefully clear your products for legal entry into the U.S. markets and keep you informed of your product's status as it moves through the system.

One of our specialites includes importing automobiles. We maintain up to date facts and information concerning the Department of Transportation and Enviromental Protection Agency requirements.

We are one of the few licensed Customs Brokers able to obtain the bonding required for import automobiles. We monitor current and proposed laws and regulations regarding automotive importing.

In addition to Customs Clearance, we provide clearance through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS), Department of Agriculture (USDA), Department of Transportation (DOT), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and other government agencies that regulate imports.


What is "R.I.F." Remote Location Filing?
Remote Filing is the ability to clear imports nationwide from one location.

As your Import Broker, C. Martin Taylor & Co is authorized and equipped to Remote File "clear your import shipment" via any port in the United States all from our location in Jacksonville, FL.

What is ISF Filing?
The Importer Security Filing, or "ISF", formally 10+2, is a new security filing requirement imposed on all U.S. importers for goods arriving at U.S. Seaports.

Each ocean shipment is required to have an ISF filed no later than 24 hours prior to lading at a foreign port. The filing is to consist of ten data elements, and must be secured by a bond. *For more information about ISF Filing and how we can help please contact one of our import agents listed at the left side of this page.

What is a Customs Entry?
A declaration of information on imported or exported goods, prepared by a customs broker on a prescribed form called entry form or duty entry form, and submitted to Customs. It states the Customs classification number, country of origin, description, quantity, and CIF value of the goods, and the estimated amount of duty to be paid.

If upon examination by a customs officer the entry is verified as a correct or 'perfect entry,' the goods in question are released (on payment of duty and other charges, if any) to the importer, or are allowed to be exported.

Main types of entry are: (1) Consumption entry: for goods to be offered for sale (consumption) in the importing country, (2) Formal entry: that is required to be covered by an entry bond because its aggregate value exceeds a certain amount, (3) Informal entry: that is not required to be covered under an entry bond because its value is less than a certain amount, (4) In-transit entry: for the movement of goods from the port of unloading to the port of destination under a Customs bond, (5) Mail entry: for goods entering through post office or courier service and below a certain value, (6) Personal baggage entry: for goods brought imported as personal baggage, (7) Transportation and exportation entry: for goods passing through a country enroute to another country, and (8) Warehouse entry: for the goods stored in a bonded warehouse. Called also customs declaration, duty entry, or just entry. *Please contact one of our import agents at the left side of this page for assistance.

What is an I.E.?
I.E. - Immediate Export: Immediate exportation is an entry that allows foreign merchandise arriving at one port to be exported from the same port without the payment of duty.

What is a T&E Entry?
T&E Entry – Transportation and Export: Goods shipped under U.S. Customs bond from a U.S. Port of Entry to a second U.S. Customs port for export to a third country.

What is a TIB Entry?
TIB- Temporary Import Bond: Goods entering USA temporarily and intended for re-export to the originating county. Some restrictions do apply.

What is a Warehouse Entry?
Warehouse Entry- This entry is for goods entering the USA under bond to temporarily store goods in a warehouse without paying duties and/or taxes.

***For more on our services and what we can offer you please contact one of our import agents listed on the left side of this web page.***


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